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  • A. Nickname for nerds or scientists, who "squint" a lot during their work.

  • Learn more about our ​boyband company, below.

No "client" work

With the exception of a hand full of Fortune 500 companies and strategic partners; the cross-industry projects we innovate, build, and maintain are our own. All right from downtown Akron!

our projects

Fast Paced

We follow a very strict work hard play hard mentality. If you are interested in being part of a young fun growing startup company check out our careers page, and apply to become a squint.

become a squint

The team

We are a small, extremely affective team of online webmasters, developers and other professionals. With decades of combined experience we simply get shit done.

meet the team

A place where you want to work!

Since we do no client work, your wardrobe choices and working hours will be flexible, though remote/satellite programmers need not apply. Telecommuting is sometimes possible but 80% or more of our time is spent in our own customized offices--no cubicles here.

about squints' studio

For • ev • ver!


Office facts

Sparing no expense in our quest for excellence is a large part of our present--and future--success. From the above-mentioned personalized offices in our historic downtown building to promoting your continuing education, we invest in ourselves. Know a bit about MVC 5 or Azure but haven't mastered it? We'll set aside paid time for you to learn.
Need to burn off steam while working through a problem? Go on, go play the Arcade games, relax in our zen room's amazing massage chair, watch some tutorials on one of our two 60" LED TVs, and enjoy the endless supply of various caffeinated drinks (Keurig/VUE machines, green tea, Monsters, Red Bulls, etc). We want the best and are willing to do what it takes to keep the best happy and productive.





Visit the Squints Studio

Please email us to schedule a visit to see the studio and meet the Squints!

57 E Market street
FL 3
Akron, OH 44308